Complete RythmoTrade Review for Traders and Newbies

This is usually how the bots can access the funds in your account to trade so this may seem like a vulnerability. However, RythmoTrade bots are not given withdrawal rights so they can never actually take any money out of your account. This makes using RythmoTrade very safe aside from the risks incurred with actually trading cryptos. With the automated crypto trading bot of RythmoTrade you can earn money on your favorite exchange automatically. Auto buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. RythmoTrade lets you test out nearly all of the functionality it has to offer like market making, automated trading, dca’ing (dollar-cost-averaging) and more via RythmoTrade paper trading.

RythmoTrade has no emotions, it simply follows the instructions given to it. Instead, you could program RythmoTrade to execute the strategy for you, but tell it when to buy and sell. The bot will merrily go along 24 hours a day, following your instructions, until you decide to turn it off. This gives you back your time, and still allows you to profit from your strategy all week long.

That means you need to give it a good strategy if you expect it to be profitable. However, there are many ways to program this tool, and ways to test your strategies before putting them out into the wild. And these can mean the difference between profits or losses. With that in mind let’s have a detailed look at the RythmoTrade platform. The following RythmoTrade review will cover many topics, such as how RythmoTrade works, how to use it effectively, what exchanges it supports, and of course, RythmoTrade pricing. The pricing of RythmoTrade varies based on different account tiers, ranging from a free limited Pioneer package to paid packages starting at $16 per month.

I asked for help in their chat function twice now in 2 days whilst getting going and you get a live person (Rodrigo) within minutes who knows the product inside out and can help get you set up. I joined RythmoTrade as a novice and started to make profits after 2 weeks of tweaking bot. The customer service is amazing and I hope I can continue to profit.

These keys act as a connection between RythmoTrade and the exchange, enabling your bot to perform tasks such as placing automated orders and accessing your balance for its calculations. Essentially, the API Keys serve as a way for your bot to communicate with the exchange and execute the actions necessary for automated trading. Backtesting is similar to independent financial advice on one’s past trades and comparisons made with the other trades occurring in the marketplace.

It’s easier to trade when your quote currency is stable, so you can measure if you’ve made a profit. They want to gather more cryptocurrencies regardless of what the market does. With this way of trading, it’s harder to predict profits/losses when your currencies are unstable.

  • The foundational strength of Bitcoin remains unshakably secure.
  • For in-depth guidance on this feature, refer to our dedicated article.
  • From setting up trading strategies to monitoring opening positions, RythmoTrade prioritizes user experience, ensuring a smooth and efficient trading journey.
  • Connect your HitBTC account to your trading bot and start automating your trades, copy experts, trade using AI or manage your portfolio for free.

Typically, this is done using multiple platforms; however, this can all be done on the RythmoTrade trading terminal. This is done by connecting all accounts you may have with other exchanges onto the RythmoTrade solution. Beyond just overseeing all positions, you can then add trailing orders directly to your trades. RythmoTrade has a proprietary trading terminal where you can manage your altcoin portfolio in one place. The aim of this is to limit users from having to monitor positions on different platforms by centralizing the process. Another cool feature of RythmoTrade is its strategy builder.


If you are unable to see your exchange balance, there may be a few issues preventing your bot from synchronizing with your exchange. If you have your TA strategy set to Multiple TA, the advanced settings RythmoTrade tab will open up. We recommend building and testing strategies in the Strategy Designer. This value is a percentage of your total assets, or the “Maximum amount allocated” field, if configured.

The main problem is that you don’t know if a signal is short-term or long-term so I tend to close them quickly. I might miss out on good returns that way but the trailing stop which is basically a stop that trails the price allows me to catch some great signals or pumps. If the price drops by 1.3% a sell signal is sent to the trading platform.

It enables users to use more advanced tools and trade across major exchanges for different prices in real time. It is also important to note that an automated trading bot will allow you to avoid the emotional waves of market volatility. Too many traders place irrational orders on the back of a market swing that goes against them, which ultimately results in long-term in losses. On the other hand, bots are simply programmed to follow your instructions, and thus, they are not affected by the rollercoaster ride of cryptocurrency trading.

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